Communication and Personality Negotiation Paper

Stacey Bly


Monday February 27, 2012
Professor Sessoms-Penny

Communication and Personality in Negotiation

      This essay will explain the negotiations that I can handle with my customers at Next Car Rental, the roles of communication and personality in negotiation, and how they contributed to or detracted from negotiation. Negotiation occurs for several reasons first to agree on how to share divide a limited resource such as land, property, or time. Second, to create something new neither party could do on his or her own and last to resolve a problem or dispute between the parties. Around the world we negotiate for several things and at my job we are constantly negotiating sale prices on our rental vehicles. Many of us around the world do not even realize we are negotiating our product and services, we could be at a flea market selling clothes, we could be buying a house, we could be buying a car, and we could be buying groceries. The next few paragraphs will explain how I handled negotiation in my life at work, school, and home.
Negotiation at Next Car Renal
      Next Car rental is a car rental agency who leases, rent and sells their vehicles at low prices. As reservation sales agent is out job to find out what type of vehicle our customers are looking and how much they are trying to spend. It is also important for us to find out how many passengers the customers will have in the car with them. As I speak to a customer I take the time to get know where they are traveling to find the vehicle for them and go over all of the benefits and features with them to see if it work out for their vacation. Meanwhile customer may object to our prices depending on how long they need vehicle for. Customers rent for one day, week, and month to save money, and they also do comparison shopping. In order for us to book a reservation we try to come close to a product and service that we have that will...