1. Before, the development of Internet, wireless communication, computers, and hand-held digital devices affected print media companies were booming.   Majority of the teens and some adults choose hand-held digital devices over hardback books. It is easier to read especially if an individual is having problems reading small print. Individuals are able to view magazine articles on the internet.   I do not know about the newspaper becoming affected by the print media.   Individuals sell newspapers every Sunday to make money and I do not think that nothing has changed.

  2. Companies have made it easier to purchase newspapers, magazines and books on-line. An individual can even check out what is supposed to happen the following month. I believe that the changes have been successful because every time you look now books are on the computer. You can purchase newspapers and magazine off the Internet instead of going to a store. Companies made it a lot better for students and individuals especially if they are in school.

  3. Most consumers love the fact that they can do a lot of stuff via Internet. Other individuals do not like it because they do not know how to use the Internet.   People get tired of walking around carrying books when they can use the Internet or even a hand-held device. I think that it is a lot cheaper to do stuff on the Internet. Most of the consumers will take the changes, and run with them.   Others rather have it the way it was because it was simple.