Understanding Communication
The article “Close Relationships Sometimes Mask Poor Communication” was interesting to read and reminds me of my husband and myself.   A mention of the room being warm by the wife is interpreted by the husband as being a sexual proposal (Anonymous, 2011).   The way that this husband and wife communicated is often the way that my husband and I communicate with each other.   The wife was trying to get her husband to turn up the air conditioner and he thought she was feeling a little frisky.   This miscommunication between the husband and wife could have been avoided by the wife simply asking her husband to turn up the air conditioner.   If she had communicated a clear message then her husband would not have thought she was feeling frisky.   There is a big difference between the room air being warm and a person feeling sexually frisky.   It is a good thing that this miscommunication took place between the husband and wife instead of on the job.   A woman making this kind of statement at work could lead a male co-worker to think that she was interested in a sexual relationship.  
My husband and I have been happily married for thirty years and this type of communication has not created any issues for us.   With thirty years of communicating this way, we have come to understand each other’s wishes through this type of communication for the most part.   There are times when one of us does not get the meaning of the statement made by the other.   Communication is important and according to Johnson, “effective communication is the second most important ingredient in a healthy relationship” (Johnson, 2011, Pg. 20).  
It is summertime now and the temperatures in Virginia are high making it extremely hot outside.   I come home from work and walk into the house and say that it is too hot outside.   My husband knows that this statement means that I do not want to cook tonight and therefore we are going out to eat.   This type of communication is what I would...