Can be help full for an organization in many different ways. One thing is that communication can be a lot faster when it comes down to the people in the business an This is a very effective tool for business to use but also can have it downfalls with the people who are using it also. One of these issues is using their email account personal use and not for thing that are related to the business or their clients. A couple issues with this   is that   it can take up vital computer resources and can also cause a decrease of work performance as the employees will be busy doing otherr for another reason the personal emails can use issues or trouble for the company because they could be held responsible for the personal emails on their server.
Instant messaging is most useful to a company because it offers real-time communication capabilities which are one of the main purposes of using them also advantage. It is important that they are available to the company. This saves the company money in   This can also lead to a down fall though when it comes to people using there instant messaging client for other uses also, such as personal use and other things. If they use it in this way then they are using their work time for personal use which is normally not aloud.
Web pages and search engines are very useful to a company in many ways because they give instant access to infoause whatever may be on that webpage, the company will be held responsible for. In the end I believe that managers do need to monitor the use of employee email and also there web usage. As this will be a good way to be able to make sure nothing is being missed used and that the employees are getting paid to work and not to do their personal life at work.