Written communication it is one of the two main type of communication, words are
very powerful and the way we put it one paper can make a big difference on one’s life.Written
communication it is important in our academic , professional and personal lives. For example ,
in our academic life we are going to have to write many papers to demonstrate how well we
may know the subject and if it not well written there is a good change of falling the course .
Many professor apply essays in their exams ,if we are not able to communicate by writing will
be impossible to complete the course. Second of all , it is the   importance of written
communication on our professional lives . It is important from the beginning to the end, if you
have a resume well written the chances of you getting hired is greater than someone that does
not. Even if you own a little shop you still have to communicate by writing , in order to people
to take you   seriously   you must do it well. Never the less, it is really important to know how to
written communicate in your personal lives too , there are everyday tasks that may require
written communication .For example , if you rent a house and the air conditional broke   you
may   want to communicate your landlord by letter , therefore you need to know how to write
well to be able to express yourself properly .Written communication is as important as oral
communication and require our attention and devotion to get better at it.