After Reading scenario #1: I believe Pat and coworker had a cordial discussion as coworker relationship. However, pat using his coworker idea to elevate himself without the consent of his coworker is unethical. Honesty is an academic community of integrity that advances the quest for truth ( student2009-2010) code of ethics and Responsibility. Clearly Pat behavior using his coworker idea is unethical.

At a point when Pat and coworker had a discussion, Pat should have asks his coworker permission to use his idea for presentation. By behaving in this manner, Pat should have showed some moral and impeccable integrity. Pat took advantage of open conversation with his coworker in the cafeteria, to divulge information idea that is not his idea for his own gain in business setting. Pat should have integrity and the decency to know that he did not deserve the promotion presented to him by the manager, because Pat is not the originator of idea present to the manager to save their company money. “Ethical communication enhances human with dignity by fostering truthfulness, fairness, responsibly personal integrity and respect for self and others” (National communication Association Credo) chapter 1 (Dawkins-debo communication Changing world).

To conclude; In order to avoid this type of ethical violation pat should have asks his coworker requesting an approval to use his idea. Furthermore, the coworker should have clear an concise to instructs pat not to use his idea without his permission. By doing this it will eliminate chaos and create better understanding.