Communication and Collaboration Strategy paper

In today’s society, I believe it is important to communicate and collaborate effectively. Based on my Experience and from what I have recently researched, the four personality types are: organizer, giver, adventurer and thinker.
Let’s take one at a time, starting with the Tinker: The Best way for a thinker to communicate is by taking notes and by breaking everything down to the lowest form, everything has to be visually stimulating and in an orderly fashion, the most important thing to a tinker is a dead line if none are made the task would never be finish. Giver’s love to be the center of the class so to say, they want the leadership or teaching role so others can learn from them. They learn more in a group setting, where information is shared aloud, and most information that is comprehended is the information shared to others in an open forum. Adventurers like to try new things from learning habits to just general experimentation. Love to research and discuss their findings, but to keep their interest the atmosphere must change periodically, such as in a small group, classroom, one on one, or some time even just out loud to them self, but most of all they love to measure their success. Organizer’s love to take every situation or problem on one item at a time, they have a hard time multitasking because everything has its own place and time, so that nothing gets missed placed. Loves charts and diagrams, needs to have control of the lecture or at least the way it is structures so that they can control the outcome.
The best way to communicate is to break every type down and to find the one aspect that the team can benefit from. First we have a team meeting and in that meeting we discuss what we are trying to do or what the problem is, you pinpoint your thinker and your organizer because that would be your best team do to they are both logical thinkers, next have them work together to formulate a plan to solve the...