shelby bowery
English 1302
September 20, 2010

Communication is part of our everyday lives; it plays a major role in everything we do. As we may know already communication consists of three things: the writer or speaker, the audience and the subject. The way the speaker or writer presents or expresses his purpose is the key to how successful or how well accepted his idea will be.
Neutrogena a well know brand for skin and facial products has a lot of the characteristics that influence and put them in good standing with the public. Much of their success is due to the good communication skills they have with the consumers and well use of ethos. The way they present the product and the keywords they use allows them to get their point across effectively. Flipping through a few pages of a magazine I came across an advertisement that targets a public concerned with the health and look of the skin. Knowing who your audience is going to be, automatically puts you ahead, you will know what exactly you want to say, illustrate or write. This Neutrogena “tone correcting daily moisturizer” uses keywords such as #1 Dermatologist recommended.” Showing the confidence by publishing and saying that your product is number one gives your product that boost that is intended for it, using such words as this automatically catches the audience attention for the reason that the credibility of the quality of the product is recommended, proven or tested by someone with a title. By comparing products the public will probably have more confidence and lean their trust on any product with no such recommendation. Another word that is persuading is “unique” this product is presented as one of a kind. The facts and benefits of the Neutrogena face moisturizer make it more of a wanted item. Stating that Vitamin C and sunscreen are contained as part of the ingredients gives the consumers another reason to make up their minds for that product. Catch phrases such as “Make your real age even,...