Review the range of groups and individuals whose communication needs must be addressed in own job role


The Staff Team are your most valuable asset, their communication skills need to be strong and you need to lead by example.   To make the best of communication we have implemented, Staff meetings, resident community meetings, were the chairman of the residents attends the staff meeting for their agenda item and feedback on behalf of all the residents.   Key worker sessions with each client on a one to one basis, this is recorded and left in the handover file for all staff to read.   Communication book which is read and signed by each staff member whilst on shift, this enables information to be passed and shared by all the staff team along with being able to raise any concerns.   Handover meetings, in which the records and paperwork are checked, along with medication and MAR’s sheets and any money for clients held.   It is also reported which clients are in or out and should they be out where they are, each time a shift is started the staff member will have a complete summary of the last shift and knowledge about each client, their movements, activities and appointments to attend.   The diary is also another source of communication, appointments are made with instructions for the staff that day, and an example would be Mr X has appointment at the opticians to check regarding his diabetes, instructions to staff may include, wake up Mr X at 8am and when Mr X is due to leave for his appointment ensure he has his glasses with him.

For residents/clients it is important the team are working together and the client is involved in their own care.   For this reason a Care Programme Approach (CPA) meeting is held every quarter, everyone who is involved in the care of the client would be invited to the meeting and of course the client themselves.   The client is the focus of the meeting and is asked openly how they are, if there are any concerns they have, their...