Written communication can be used when the individual is deaf and hasn't yet learned sign language it could also be how that individual prefers to communicate that way instead of verbal .the written information can also be refereed back to if need in the future.

Braille is a form of written communication but its raised marks that blind people use to read,as they cannot see the symbols of makaton or BSL.

makaton is used to communicated by using signs symbols and cards,individuals with learning disabilities use this method to devolop communication skills and also communicatewith others hwo use makaton

Its very important that the individual understands fully the information that is been given   verbal,written or BSL,the individual must consent all support that is given so if you use a way of communication that isn't understood by that individual you have carried out something with out consent,it could also be that the individual could become upset or angry as/after an activity because   it wasn't fully understood what was going to happen .If a service user has a specific communication need you must fully understand how to communicate in that way such as,if a service user uses makaton you should learn it before supporting this individual,or if you are using written information
it should be clear and understandable for the individual . environment can be used to help communicate with individuals this could be by pointing to a certain object and using body language along side of this by nodding yes/no,the environment can also hinder trying to communicate,if a area is loud or highly distracted this could effect the full understanding.

Before supporting any service user should find out as much information as possible to tell you how they like to be supported,you can find this information in support plans,car plans and you could speak to colleagues,family and friends to get a better understanding of their needs.
Speech and language can work alone side...