Communication in Worplace

Identify different reasons why people communicate
Communication is the exchange and flow of information and ideas from one person to another. People communicate for a number of different reasons were of which I have listed below.

*Give information/ receive information
When a parent and childcare practitioner have a good communication a child will always benefit.
I invite people to see me in my setting and show them what I do and how I do things.
If they decide they would like to sign contract with me and leave their child in my care I do expect from parents to inform me about all important things about their child/ ren, their likes and dislikes, special needs, dietary requirements, health issues, arrangements information such as : who is responsible for picking up.
I will be giving them lots of information about their child on a daily basis such as: progress in learning, what food they had, what activities they choose on that day and other issues.
I think, and I experience the importance of taking to parents to pass the information about their child/ren. I also feel like parents appreciate me talking to them on daily basis and they feel closer to their children and I am very satisfied with the way parents approach me and their children.
*Establish and maintain relationship
Effectively estabilising relationship is a crucial part of practitioner’s role. Good communication skills allow them to start much relationship quickly.
It is important to maintain relationship especially with parents as it has a positive impact on children`s emotional well – being.
Every person has a good and bad days sometimes. There are so many things happening in our lives and having an impact on how we feel. I meet minded children`s parents every day and I know that sometimes we might sound unhappy when greating others. I always make sure that I have a smile on my face upon arrivals and departures to feel parents and their children welcomed (an less there is a serious issue...