Communication Degree

Quick, name the one degree which many people think is useless and worthless. Communications. Sadly, people don’t realize it’s the communications degree that enables them to read the news every day and helps to stay knowledgeable about world issues.
If the writers at the Houston Chronicle or the New York Times didn’t present the news in an orderly, cohesive and understandable manner, our already-ignorant human nature would have risen to an overall dangerous level because of our lack of information and communication.
Communications degree is an important media through which people are exposed to wide array of jobs and learn to communicate eloquently.
The new core curriculum at the University of St. Thomas made Public Speaking an optional course for students. Previously, it was required for graduation and taking this class would have certainly improve a student’s ability to become speakers.
But no, it’s gone and so is any chance students can overcome their fear of public speaking.
A study performed by the World Health Organization (WHO) listed public speaking is the number one social fear held by Americans (and there is no reason to believe other countries are different). The conclusion drawn by the study is quite alarming because it suggests problems like this have an adverse effect on people’s lives.
“Social phobia is a common, under-treated disorder that leads to significant functional impairment. Increasing numbers of social fears are associated with increasingly severe manifestations of the disorder.”
Translation: students began to hyperventilate when they are picked on to answer a question in class or they know they are about to be called on which is not good for their nervous system.
I thought about what the university board could have been thinking when they voted for the depreciation of public speaking from the curriculum thus discouraging students from pursuing a communications degree. If their logic is something along the lines that students can...