Communication Channel Paper


                                                  Communication Channel Scenario
                                                                Gurcharanjit Kaur
University of Phoenix

                                    Communication Channel Scenario
      Before we begin the communication channel we need to know what communication is. Accordong to Hybel & Weaver (2004), the term communication means interact with others, share information and beliefs, exchange ideas and feelings, make plans and solve problems. Sometimes it is done interpersonally, in a team, can be in a small or a large group and sometimes through media or internet system. In other words, communication is transmitting the information from one person to another.
      According to Eunson (2005), Channel is the route by which the messages transmit between sender and receivers. Communication rarely flows through one channel. It may be the use of two, three or four different channels. Most common channels for business communication are face to face communication, teleconferencing, written communication, telephones, and emails and so on. All are useful methods in communicating.
      Face to face communication is the most effective channel of communication. Face to face communication can be used in several ways. It can be in a one to one meeting, in small groups or conferences.   In large scale companies, because of the demand of the competition, new policies are formed on a regular basis. In this case they arrange formal meetings or conferences to let the employees aware of the new policies. One of the advantages of the face to face communication is that everything get cleared right there.
      Text messaging is the fastest way of communicating with friends and family through a phone. The advanced technology in internet allows people to send text to phone through internet. People can share photos through the text messaging system too. But the...