Communication and Crisis Paper

Communication and Crisis
October 17, 2012

Communication and Crisis
As the director of the regional Emergency Management Office, I have been receiving certified information that the public’s water supplies of several cities in the region have become contaminated with a deadly biological agent. The crisis of contaminated water supply is an extremely delicate situation. The load of this situation for our towns lives are in huge danger.   So far there have been a number of people rushed to the emergency room with these symptoms believed to be caused by the water supply being contamination. This has not yet been confirmed as the reason for the visit at this time. There will be further test ran and when confirmed the public will be informed immediately. We have no creditable facts on how our water supply may have been polluted. This is something that will be investigated and taken care of accordingly. The symptoms to look for are nose bleeds, nausea, diarrhea, headache, blurred vision and severe abdomen pain. Emergency plans will be making a speech within this institute and with the public without producing a terror. We will do all that is within our power to get our water supply back under control in a timely manner. As of now we ask no residents or tourist to come into contact with the water until further notice. The stores will be stocking up on bottled water for everyone to purchase. This issue should be solved by tomorrow afternoon. We ask no one to consume the water through cooking or drinking. I will hold a brief press conference to guarantee the community we are doing everything we can do to get this disaster taken care of. In order to try and put the public at ease, I will ask the Governor and Director of the Water Waste Manger to attend this press conference.
It is my job as the director of the Emergency Management Office I am responsible for not only coordinating with other agencies, but also ensuring proper communication with...