Communication and Collabortaion

Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper
Allan Vasquez
Mrs. Harrell
University of Phoenix
After completing the assessments, I found out that my personality is Adventurous and my highest scored in the intelligence was Musical. Both of which I can agree on. The adventurous personality is something that I have heard a lot of people tell me because I am spontaneous and have courage and I am daring. The question is, what kind of strategy can I develop to communicate and collaborate with other students or people in general who have different personalities and different intelligences?
I see myself as a very open minded person and willing to learn new things from different people regardless of race or gender. To me people are people no matter what and I feel like if I can better myself by listening to other people then I will do so. I think that being adventurous and working with an adventurous mentality, a team can benefit from that because it helps bring new ideas to the table and helps be more creative with how to take approaches to a specific topic. My strategy would be to come up with different ways to present a topic. I always feel like it is best to stand out so that you are noticed more than the rest. The last thing you want to be is just like the rest of the other groups. It is boring and does not give me the feeling that I have learned something new.
The three different learning styles that I feel I can develop more in are naturalistic, logical-mathematical, and verbal-linguistics. My strategy to for effective communication and collaboration in these 3 styles of learning is to see if anyone in my group were stronger in either one of these three styles and ask them if they could help me with a plan or the easiest way to learn like they do. If I can take a piece of each learning style and combine it with mine then that would make things that much easier for me to comprehend anything that I did not understand. Ask...