Communication and Collaboration

Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper

Learning styles vary from person to another as the approaches one takes to learning differs. Not two brains process and stores information the same way.   It is important for the individual to discover their learning style since it will help them learn and develop strategies and techniques, but to work in a team environment. Different learning styles and personality traits will serve to strengthen the team. No diversity will make the team no better than the sum of its members. A varied group will make the team better as a whole. Different styles bring different strengths to the team, and even when sometimes it may lead to conflicts and mistakes, a good communication will lead to collaboration. Mistakes are a good learning experience.
Three learning styles that are my weakest are Naturalistic, musical and visual-spatial.  
The Naturalistic needs to “connect with nature whenever is possible” has an interest in environmental balance and the ecosystems. They enjoy nature as a source for relief from stress; have a deep understanding of nature and its delicate balance. These learners’ types will do best in group studies with their own interests.
The Musical has the “ability to comprehend and create meaningful sound and recognize patterns (music, sensitivity to sound and patterns)”. The study techniques for this style are to create rhythms, put the new material into songs they already know, write raps and or play instrumental music. These learners would benefit from taking music breaks.
The visual-spatial learners enjoy a quiet place away from distractions to learn. They use colors to code their notes and information along with visual materials such as pictures, charts, maps and graphs. Visual learners identify and think with pictures. To compliment this learning style, I would need to develop a system using charts to express concepts, maps, anything that can stimulate their mental imagery to help this person retain...