Communication and Collaboration Strategy

Communication and Collaboration Strategy
Iris Harris
May 17, 2010
Deidre Jackson

Communication and Collaboration Strategy
      There will be challenges in life, but I have founded out the experiences in any career goal is the most challenging. It may require working with a team, which we will have to learn how communication and collaboration strategy skills will be our main tools. Diversity relates to teamwork this will tell whether the team will be a success or failure. Individual diversity is directly related to teamwork this can provide progress, and ideals that a team would need to come up with, and work together so it will work for everyone. With a team, we will have different types of intelligences. In order for a team to be effective there must be communication and common goals also with understanding each other personalities and learning skills. If these skills are used, we will have a good foundation to become an excellent team that will reach their goal.
    Learning Styles


      A person who has logical/mathematical intelligence ability has a tool that can recognize problems, and solve them. They also can follow directions if correctly given that will help them work out problem step-by-step and in full details. Problems solving show that a person can understand numbers and logical concepts well. People are experienced to handle those calculations than a logical/mathematical type (Carter, Bishop, & Kravits, 2007)


      People with interpersonal intelligence can help and understand people. They can interact with other, interpret their behavior, and understand the individuals’ moods. People come to them for advice they could help people who need help in solving problems. They enjoy teaching others and consider themselves as a leader. They enjoy begin at home and care about how an individual think or feel. When the times come, they will socialize with friends. They have the skills to...