Communication and Collaboration Strategy

Communication and Collaboration Strategy
Jason Eric Garcia
July 8, 2011
Catherine M. Ward, MBA.

Communication and Collaboration Strategy
      Everyone learns and communicates in his own individual way.   There are multiple learning styles that assist us with communicating effectively within a group of people.   Each person’s learning style can be used in a group setting where it can be utilized in the best way.   There are specific personality types that may be better suited for a group environment.   In addition, there are also personality types that better assist with understanding and working with each other effectively in a group.

      The key to success in working together as a group is working to understand everyone’s learning styles and personality types and adapting to them accordingly.   Everyone has his own special way of communicating in a group as opposed to how he would normally communicate as an individual.   We also have our own unique styles of learning when placed in a group in contrast to how we would learn on our own.   It is when we are able to understand and accept the different types of learning styles of our peers; that we are also able to help our group communicate and learn together.

      People can communicate efficiently using the following learning styles Interpersonal, Musical, Verbal linguistic, Visual-Spatial, Logical-Mathematical, Intrapersonal, Bodily-Kinesthetic, and Naturalistic.   My particular learning styles that assist me with communicating effectively within my group are my Interpersonal and Musical styles.   My Interpersonal learning style allows me to understand, adapt to, and work with others that have either the same or a different learning style from me.   As a person with an Interpersonal learning style, I can understand opinions from an individual’s point of view and I am better able to establish and maintain positive relationships in a group setting.   This style also allows me to share my ideas and...