Communication and Collaboration Strategy

Communication and Collaboration Strategy
There are many benefits to knowing what learning style an individual is categorized and also learning what personality type category an individual falls.   I have learned that I fall into the Interpersonal learning style while I undertake the categories of Organizer and Thinker in the personality spectrum.  
When knowing what an individual’s learning style means, it helps you create a better understanding with the most effective way to learn.   The learning style will help you also understand where you will not be as effective in retaining information.  
Understanding your personality will help create ideas within your most effective learning style in order to produce the quality of work that is expected.  
Also, when learning about different personalities, it gives you a “heads up” that not everyone is like you.   Everyone thinks and learns in their respective way.   So, when working with others, you will need to take a look at where the others may fall with their learning styles and personalities to help avoid negative confrontations and conflicts.

Discovery of Learning Style
An individual’s learning style is unique to the individual.   The learning style is the individual’s mind’s way of taking in and processing information.   In discovery of my own particular learning style, I took an assessment called “Multiple Pathways to Learning” which focuses on learning strengths and preferences.   The assessment is based on Professor Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory.   Upon completion of the assessment, I found that my strengths lie within the Interpersonal and Bodily-Kinesthetic learning styles and my weakness in learning lies within the Naturalistic category.  
Interpersonal Learning Style
The Interpersonal learning style gives me the ability to relate to others by noticing other’s moods, motivations and feelings.   I have found that the assessment is true.   I feel as though I do have the ability to relate to...