Communication and Collaboration Strategy

Communication and Collaboration Strategy
Milford Weber III
September 6, 2010
Barry Morris

Communication and Collaboration Strategy
If everyone in the workplace had the same personality and learning style then that would make the job of managing less important.   The reality is that managers have to understand and deal with a variety of personalities mixed with different learning styles.   Once a manager has an understanding of how a certain person takes in and processes information it will be easier to get the maximum amount of work out of them.   There are separate ways of dealing with different personalities and learning styles and I am going to point out just a few of them.
A person that has a verbal / linguistic style of learning is better at remembering what they have heard and read.   This type of person usually has the personality type of an organizer.   They are known for their neatness and being efficient.   As long as you give them written directions, or directions by mouth you can be sure they are going to get the job done.   If you come at them with a job or task and you don’t explain yourself well or give instructions you are more than likely not going to be pleased with the outcome.
The people who learn best by connecting mind and body are known for a bodily / kinesthetic learning style.   They learn more by movement and repetition.   People involved in sports are the best way I can explain it.   You don’t get great at a sport if you don’t practice.   It takes them developing their eye hand coordination day after day to get where they are.   The best way of dealing with them is by showing them how it’s done and letting them perfect it.
The logical / mathematical style of learning uses reasoning and relationships.   These types of learners usually have the personality type of a thinker.   They are good at problem solving and designing ways to make jobs more efficient.   If they want to know how something works they will take it apart and see how...