Communication and Collaboration Paper

Developing a strategy for effective communication and collaboration is essential when working together as a team. Understanding each team member’s learning styles and personality types are essential for team assignments. In determining ones individual learning styles and personality type assessments are conducted. Assessments provide information on one’s strengthen and weaknesses. Assessment is a means to understand a role he or she possesses as well as what each individual is capable of bringing to the group. Throughout life assessments changes as an individual grows and matures. Assessments are an excellent way to create new paths and possibilities in life. Despite what the assessment will reveal, an understanding of one’s learning style as well as personality type will assist one to understand their strength and weaknesses and to develop a strategy that will assist them in their studies for the present as well as the future.
When working in a group setting understanding ones individual learning style assist others to delegate who is most efficient to work on a specific part of an assignment or project. Everyone bring different learning styles to a group so having a variety of styles on one team can be beneficial. For instance, bodily-kinesthetic brings a unique style because there is the ability to coordinate such as coordinating body moves, expanding body awareness to senses, and working with the hands (Carter et al., 2007).   Another learning style is interpersonal in which an individual relate to others. Interpersonal offers many abilities that involve teamwork, motivating others as well as looking at issues from a different perspective. For example, when there seems to be a lack of motivation in a group setting an interpersonal individual would be the ideal person to assist with communicating and determining why there is a lack of motivation.
In addition to the other learning styles there is an intrapersonal learning style. Intrapersonal learning style is...