Common Symptoms and Causes of Single Roll Crusher

In the sintering plant , a single roll crusher is the key equipment sintering system. System consists of a single roll crusher hopper guide shaft roller assembly, grate plate assembly and the drive system composed of four parts . Due to the harsh environment, their wear serious , failures frequently, consuming with greatly increased. Common symptoms below, and the reasons for the failure of a single roll crusher detail.
Single roll crusher system installed in sintering machine tail , because sinter temperature is high, coupled with a large gap , impact resistance, so the work environment is very poor, production for several years , have appeared in the following issues:
( 1 ) guide bins and square steel square steel bearings easy to fall off , resulting in a single roll is stuck, damaged bearings
Cause : square steel and square steel bearing design is unreasonable, insufficient number of mount bolts and square steel and square steel bearing fixed stud exposed, susceptible to wear and tear , resulting in loss.
( 2 ) single-roll star wheel relocation , with the protective cap with friction, collision
Cause : star wheel system using nuts . Two different due to the rotary machine is not designed to consider the positive and negative thread , thereby causing the nut 2 single roll off easily occurs during operation , resulting in relocation star wheel .
( 3 ) single-roll star tooth crown with protective cap short life, excessive sinter crushing, back to mine high
Cause : the protective cap crown design pitch 15mm, because the field conditions which sometimes insufficient spacing after installation. In sinter crushing process, resulting in crown with protective cap badly worn and broken sinter excessive .
Replace the difficulty ( 4 ) a conducting box , long repair time
Guide bins is the overall structure of the original design , large size, heavy machinery . After the operation , the upper and lower guide bins full of sinter, which is difficult to replace , each...