Level 5 Health and Social Care - Leadership and Management
Unit 501 Use and Develop systems that promote communications (SHC51)
  1) Be able to address the range of communication requirements in own role  

1.2- Explain how to support effective communication with own job role.

To be able to support effective communication within my role as a Home Manager it is extremely important to have good communication skills in order to develop positive relationships and share information with people.   I use several different forms of communication within my role. Interpersonal skills are essential to enable me to interact and communicate successfully. Effective communication helps me better understand a person or situation and enables me to resolve differences, build trust and respect each other. Communication is at the heart of everything we do. It’s central to our learning. But it’s particularly important in health care, where residents can feel vulnerable, alone and frightened, and where we will be working with colleagues who rely on good communication to help them deliver safe, coordinated and effective care.

The purpose of communication is to ask, refuse, choose, and express our needs.   To gain or convey, express thoughts or feelings all essential to building relationships within my role of imparting and requesting information,
I believe that my communication must be clear, concise, supportive and understanding   when dealing with colleagues, however,   when dealing with residents, family and friends   I need to be understanding showing empathy and knowledgeable enough to be able to offer solutions.
Excellent communication skills are vital when working in a residential care home setting as they help to develop positive relationships with everyone involved in the care and support of our vulnerable resident’s.

The different methods that I use to support communicate are;
Verbal | Messages are communicated instantly, understanding of message trying to be...

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