Comments on Pride and Predudice

This is an English novel wrote by Jane Austen, which had been the most popular novel during 18th century in Britain. And now it had been filmed for several editions. We just watched the latest film acted by Keira Kinightley. After watching the film , I was shocked by the great true love, though I knew it was just a film.
  Elizabeth was the heroine of the novel. She was charming, strong-minded, and kind-hearted. But I prefer the hero, Darcy. Darcy was handsome, rich but antisocial. When he first met Elizabeth on the ball, he was soon absorbed in Elizabeth's eyes, and he almost fell in love with her. But his proud appearance and farouche talk hurt Elizabeth and caused her prejudice to him.

As time went by, all the things made Elizabeth more prejudiced against Darcy. When Darcy proposed to her, Elizabeth rejected it at once without any hesitation. Poor Darcy didn't give up, he tried to clear the atmosphere and help her family out from the scandal. Finally, the misunderstanding was gone, they got together happily. Right that moment, none of a word could express my feeling. I never imagined   that such kind of love could exist under such extreme pride and prejudice. I almost believed that the story would be true and it had ever happened somewhere sometime.
Since everything in it seems to be true, I have learned a lot about British society during 18th century,and I was deeply attracted by the beautiful scenery and music in the film. Moreover, without “pride”, there would be no “prejudice”, and such great love would not happen.
In a word ,I love this film.