Commentary of Little Red Ridin Hood

the story little red riding hood has one main purpose and that purpose is to entertain children with a story and help the child understand about not talking to strangers and in this story the stranger is replicate as a wolf . Red Riding Hood’s tale speaks to enduring themes of family, morality, growing up, growing old, and of the relationships between the sexes. The audience of this fairytale is children and some adults of whom try to teach the children from the book about not to talk to strangers etc. and this would most likely be read to the child in bed. The mother then appears and asks Little Red to deliver cake and wine to the ill grandmother. Both cake and wine seem to be symbolic of the Christian communion, which may symbolize a religious context.
This is followed by a list of warnings given to the child about not straying from the path, and being courteous when entering the cottage. The writers major change in the story is the addition of a male character who comes in, divines the problem, and rescues the two women from the wolf's belly. With a pair of scissors, the hunter cuts the belly open and out pop Red Ridinghood and Grandmother in a male-effected birth. Then at the end of the tales ending there is the   nsertion of male power   in the rescue. The hunter then kills the wolf by stuffing his open cavity with stones which causes him to fall down dead. The hunter gets the wolf pelt for his troubles and the women go home happy.   " Never again will you stray from the path by yourself and go into the forest when your mother has forbidden it" .
The use of grammar is suitable for some children although some words may not be for example (devour) , there is the use of syntax sentances which use imperative forms to put forward the thoughts of the mother, there is also the use if connotation for example the red hood which is also associated with the menstrual cycle and how she is grown up and is given more responsibility
The use of graphology is not huge in...