Commemorative Speeh

Commemorative Speech: Father

Over the years his real job has come with many different titles. For 44 years he has been a son and brother, for 22 he has been a loving father, for 23 he has been a dedicated husband, and for 21 years and counting he has been and will always be my mentor.  Today I would like to honor my father Carlos Moran, and explain to you how and why he has become my mentor. Standing at exactly 6 feet tall, sporting dark black hair and tan skin, being loud, extremely talkative and radiating with energy, are just a few characteristics that can be attributed to his Puerto Rican heritage.  When introducing himself to someone new, he reaches out his rough and calloused hand giving them a firm handshake and replies “My name’s Carl Moran, really honest”.  My father has the ability to make friends with anyone because he is truly a real joy to be around.  He sparks conversations with people and it would seem that were best friends.

My father never lets an opportunity pass to teach his children. Being a father at times is difficult, but finding the time to impact each and every life of those three children is a completely different rigorous task. Dad has taken this as a challenge and a life-long goal. My dad has taught me lots of things there is to know about many different subjects. Because of him I have learned to change tires on a car, because of him I have learned how to respect my siblings, because of him I have learned to cherish the moments in everyday life, because of him I have learned to have more confidence in myself.

Moving away from home and being in college, I look back on my years at home with a little bit of sadness and tad bit of regret. I realize that I took my father for granted. When I would complain about how much homework a teacher had given me, I never once heard him complain about staying late after work. When I would complain about not having the latest outfit, I never once heard him complain about the worn out jeans and...