Command Philosophy

1. READINESS: The Army exists to fight and win our Nation’s wars. We must always be prepared to execute the division’s mission, even when in training of support cycles. Readiness must be a way of life.

2. VISION: My vision for the battalion is twofold:

a. A proud, confident, and cohesive infantry battalion that is trained on the fundamentals of war fighting and capable of accomplishing its assigned missions.

b. A battalion that is respected and admired by others, led by competent and committed leaders, and a source of pride for the Soldiers that fill its ranks.

3. In order to achieve the vision listed above, I will emphasize four imperatives for success:

• Leaders must ensure that Soldiers are technical and tactical competent in individual, leader, and collective tasks to ensure small unit proficiency.
• All training must be properly planned and resourced in order to maximize quality training and not waste Soldiers time.
• Maximize training in field environments in order to present Soldiers with realistic training conditions.

• Do the hard right instead of the easy wrong—I expect leaders to make on the spot corrections where needed.
• Seek opportunities to improve yourself and your unit.
• Live the Army values and the Golden Rule of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.  

• We will not win in combat if we cannot shoot, move, and communicate—know, care, and account for your equipment at all times.
• Command maintenance is a battalion focused training event and we must put 100% effort in ensuring our fleet is maintained and that Soldiers are conducting maintenance to standard.

• Treat Soldiers and Family members with dignity and respect—Soldiers who know that their leaders sincerely care about them and their Families will always give their best effort.
• Don’t waste Soldiers time; they can see through your inability to properly...