Adunni Easton
                                                      University of Phoenix
                                                    Essentials of College Writing
                                                        Comm/215 Version 10
                                                          August 21, 2011

    Sportswear is being worn more today by adults, teenagers and infants and toddlers than ever before in America.   It has now become a very big trend in today‚Äôs fashion. In this day and age, businesses have noticed a change in increase of profit in selling sportswear. Even though business have realized how popular the sales and profit has become; there is still a question of how they can cut expenses to increase profit margins. Artemis Sportswear Company needs to cut operational expenses by changing their marketing strategy. Artemis should look into the type of consumer that can best work with their cost and productivity of their products. Artemis should mainly focus on the market and not so much on its products, if the product sells for itself.
  Artemis should strive for higher operating profit margins, although this is not always easily done. Although it may vary from industry to industry, a company that is considered to have a high operating profit ratio has one of over 30 percent on an average. If the sportswear company can make a comparison of their past sales history, look at the previous and current sales and project a business plan with a budget, they can obtain some since of what is going on. Because legitimate expenses provide the framework for this type of company, they may not want to cut the operating expenses too deeply.  
    Here are four simple ways that Artemis Sportswear Company can help cut operational expenses in order to increase its profit margin:
  * They should plan for better shipping or mailing. To avoid overnight or second day...