Communication in the Workplace
Assignment 1.1 Communication Process Model


Communicating in the Workplace
      1.1 Communication Process Model
First Example.
A misunderstanding that I had in the workplace is when my boss told me “ You are going to be working this Friday at three, but I will let you know”. To my understanding I thought she meant I am actually working Friday. I show up that day for work and I was not schedule for the day after all. The message was not clear to me and me as the receiver thought that I was working that day. The sender did not contact me about working that Friday. The channel of the message was through texting, so it made it more official that I was working that day. If it was face to face then I would of seen her expression if she was not sure if I should work that day.

Second Example.
I had a misunderstanding at an interview I had awhile ago, after the interview he told me “ we will email you an assessment for the position, which means you get the job after we discuss our decision”.   Me as the receiver I understood that I got the job and I would be getting an email from them that week. But what the sender meant is that we need to discuss this more and if we are interested we will email you. The message was clear but to me it was not because I got to excited when I heard we will email you, meaning I got the job. The channel was face to face and the interviewer seemed like he was interested to hired me but I took it the wrong way.