Comergent Cases

6-10 pages, double spaced, 11 or 12 point font, with 1 inch margins

Critical Issues
  * “Has to accelerate growth even more”
      * long-term value
  * Economy has stalled, companies have reservations about investing in tech
      * esp in no-growth or slow-growth environments
  * Product is complex, many consumers don’t understand
  * Product can be broken down into modules for customers specific needs
  * Need right product, product positioning, and right sales and customer acquisition processes
      * Full platform vs basic with add on modules
      * integration with existing ERP competition -Appropriate partnerships
  * “Biggest challenge is getting customer to the point where they can define their pain, commit to its alleviation and a willingness to pay for it.   Once we have project definition, the process usually goes smoothly.”
  * “No definitive pattern had been established between leads and real projects…300 inquiries there were approx 10 real projects
  * 12: Customer acquisition challenge: technologically superior product, better meets needs at better prices, and still face losing to a competitor.   We need to decide what prospects to target and how to convert them to customers”
      * Solve small problems or larger picture w CEOs?
      * Who are appropriate partners? ERPs? Consulting Division of IT company?
      * Large guts: lead prospecting and customer acquisition
      * Merits of each 3 customers and how to approach?
  * Sales staff incentive (salary, bonus..)
  * Sales process time framing
  * Improve productivity of selling and ordering process-help them better work with customers and channel partners
Support for recommendations, including charts, graphs, tables on analysis
Risks, contingencies and alternatives considered

What customers to target
How to convert them
--small vs large?
--partner with ERP or consulting?

General Notes
  * Comergent 1.0-- Cisco...