Being a good person doesn't depend on your religion, your race or your skin color or your culture. It depends on how good is your heart and how good you treat others.-Himanshu Fruitwala.
American has long history to   read and understand, one of the greatest part of it is about Native American People that called Indians, today i would like to share a little part of them.
The Comanche : Who are they?
The Comanche Indians are a group of Native American Indians who call themselves Numinu, meaning "the people". They originally lived in the Great Plains region and it is a little known fact but, they were actually considered to be a branch of the Northern Shoshone Indian tribe. After 1700, they ended up splitting from the Shoshone and migrating to the Southern Plains, which included Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas.
The Comanche Indians were organized as bands, not as groups or as a tribe. Each band had its own name. Each Comanche band had its own leader. There were groups of families in the bands. In the Comanche, groups or families could leave one band and join another. But, there was no one leader or chief over all the Comanche bands. Each band did what it wanted to when it wanted to. The bands might join together to fight a common enemy too big for just one band to fight. Sometimes several bands would camp together for a while. The Comanche were not the only Indian culture in Texas organized into bands.

How Do They Live?

The Comanches did not live in a desert. The Comanches lived on the plains. A plain is an environment with a lot of open grass land. There are trees in spots and along the rivers and streams in the plains. The plains get regular rain and there is enough water for lots of grass, plants, and animals to live on. All the grass and water...