Com 295 Week 1 Knowledge Check

COM 295 Week 1 Knowledge Check
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1.As part of an effort to hire younger workers, a multinational organization assures applicants that they will get to visit its offices in other countries and work with the employees there. However, only two out of every nine workers actually get selected for such projects. What moral dilemma best fits this scenario?
2. Hester’s organization has put her in charge of setting up their first office in a different country. She hires a construction firm to oversee the building operations. A project manager at the firm tells her that the building work is “almost complete,” but when Hester goes in person a week later she finds that work hasn’t even begun. What moral dilemma best describes this situation?
3. Which of the following could lead to an ethical dilemma as a result of a cosmetic half-truth?
4. Dave is a member of the talent acquisition team at a pharmaceutical company. He almost always follows official guidelines when communicating in a professional capacity. However, he recently wrote an “off the record” letter to an applicant mentioning that while his credentials were excellent, he could not be offered employment as Dave’s next hire needed to fulfill certain diversity requirements. Can the company be held legally accountable in this instance? Why or why not?
5. Which act led to managers asking employees to grant signed permission before revealing confidential information?
6. Gabriel’s job involves overseeing business correspondence between his company and various governmental agencies. The passage of a certain act made this correspondence available for public scrutiny, and so Gabriel must ensure that all communication satisfies government requirements without divulging valuable company secrets. Which of the following acts made this correspondence available to the public?
7. Which of the following terms refers to a...