Com 150 Appendix H

Appendix H

Comprehensive Grammar CheckPoint Answer Form

Enter the correct answer for each item by typing either a or b in the second column. Provide an explanation for each choice in the Rationale column. The boxes expand to accommodate your text.

Item Correct Answer
(a or b) Rationale
1. A The subject “a famous animal rights activist”, is   referring to a single person. The answer would be “B” if the sentence was referring to multiple people.

2. B Due to the fact the verb requires indicates that more than one skill is needed.

3. A Because the subject vitamins refer to multiple types, in a plural sense meaning they “are”.

4. A In a sentence, when “became” is used it normally refers to the past, the key word “has” indicates that the subject refers to the present.


A Because the subject refers to multiple people, “some athletes”. Had the subject been referring to self option B would be correct

B Laid refers to something that happened the past. Based on the way the way the sentence is organized obviously the writer is speaking of an action in past because now he can’t find it.

B Because the person is still interested, therefore was cannot be right.

A Due to the fact they are not on the show anymore they “have” appeared on the show.

A The ancient Egyptians built already refers to the past therefore there is no need to include have.

A “Their assignements” refers to the student, the class is unable to literally do assignments.

B They refers to the patients who normally spend time in the waiting room

B It refers to the new vehicle the driver is looking to purchase


B “The presenters” (the subject) already refers to whomever, therefore no specifics needs to be given.  

B The sentence refers to a video game or a movie, indicating singular which refers to “it”.

A The subject, Mayor or the council members implies plural “their”.

A The subject already...