Com 105 Paper

The team writing process gives each individual a specific part of the paper to write while at the same time giving the individual writer the experience and feedback from the entire team. With a collaborative writing process, the team has the ability to give group feedback while making changes that are mutually agreed upon to make the paper a well rounded and organized piece of work. The writer can also learn new tips and ideas through the other members to improve their writing skills.

In a group writing process, the entire team goes through each step of writing the paper, from brainstorming to proofreading to the final draft. With editing the paper in a group, it allows the team to provide group feedback to what was written while at the same time proofreading the paper for any errors that need to be fixed. It also identifies any inconstancies in the paper and lets the team know that each member is on track and has not strayed from the main topic of the paper. Editing can be on of the more challenging parts to writing the paper since everyone has their own ideas of what should be included, expanded on, or taken away.

      Editing allows the different thoughts and ideas from individual members to be added or removed in the paper, while at the same time, giving the paper a personal touch from each member. This makes the paper come together with input from the group and forms an agreed upon format with slight changes made by everyone. Once the initial editing is completed, the process can move forward with the slight changes taking place as the paper comes together.

      By writing a collaborative paper, everyone involved in the writing process can benefit from one another by taking each little piece of criticism and apply it to future writings.