Colyn Evans Report

Colyn Evans

Colyn Evans was a 17 year old boy from Tayport, in the Fife area, who had a history of committing offenses. Of the 14 offenses committed between the ages of 10 and 16, 6 were sexual offenses, 5 of these being related to shameless and indecent exposure. Despite these offenses, he was never registered as a sex offender, as these charges were dealt with through the children’s hearing system.
On the evening of Thursday 20th January 2005, Colyn Evans murdered his girlfriend, Karen Dewan. He began by forcing her to remove her clothing, and put on another person’s underwear. He then cut her hair and started strangling her. He then proceeded to drag her downstairs and submerged her head in a bathtub. There are also signs that Colyn Evans cut Karen Dewans head and body. It is believed that he was drunk at the time of the murder. He later attempted to get rid of the evidence and tried to dismember her body, and putting it into a wheelie bin, as well as her clothes and some personal possessions, and setting fire to them. She was reportedly struck on the head repeatedly. Karen was found dead the next day in the wheelie bin, partly burnt. Evans pleaded guilty, and was ordered to serve 17 years minimum in prison.
Colyn Evans had previously spent 17 months in a care home, before being released in April 2004 into a house by himself. In August he was allocated a flat in the Tayport area. Between August 2004 and January 2005 he was visited by Throughcare and housing support 41 times. Only 20 of these were successful. He was not considered at high risk of offending. On 13th September 2004 he attempted to commit suicide. He was charged with breach of the peace and was released into parental care. At the start of December 2004 Colyn Evans was suspected of breaking into a neighbour’s flat and accessing pornographic material. The police failed to report this to social services meaning he was not apprehended. This caused him to fall out with his girlfriend at that time,...