Living conditions
In Colombia, the typical cuisine is diverse and varies depending on which region you are in.   Colombia is not a place for vegetarians in the fact that a lot of meat is consumed throughout the region.   Colombians, on a daily basis also eat three meals a day like we do here in America.   Colombians start the day off with a small, light breakfast, then they will eat a large hearty lunch, and then they finish off the day with another light meal.   The people of this country feel the most important meal of the day is their lunch.
Down in the great country of Colombia, many different types of foods are available.   Along the coast whale, fish, lobster, and various other types of seafood are readily available fresh from the waters there.   There is also a large amount of beef, chicken, pork, and bird available in the meats aspect of the country.   Colombia has lots of exotic fruits and vegetables to eat too.   The list includes guava, mango, apple, pear, blackberry, strawberry, and bananas for their fruits and for the vegetables there are carrots, potatoes, rice, corn, etc.
The typical dishes and meals available in the national aspect vary across the nation.   Most meals in Colombia consist of some kind of meat with some sort of vegetable and fruit as the sides.     There is no actual “national dish” of Colombia, but two of the main dishes served are arepa and tepal.   Some of the other typical main dishes here are ajiaco, arroz con pollo, bandeja paisa, changua, chunchullo, frijoles con garra, and lechona.   Colombians also have a variety of interesting dessert dishes.   Some of these dishes include arroz con coc, manjar blanco, natilla, postre de natas, and mazamorra de maiz.
The housing in Colombia varies dramatically.   In middle to upper class section of the country, there are nice, modern houses.   Most housing units though, are detached houses, ranches, and huts whereas less than 15% are apartments and the remainder were mobile units, natural shelters,...