Colonization, Development or Invasion

Colonization: Positive or Negative?
Victor Chen

In the long history of human-being, there was a special time period which is argued and discussed by many people. It is a period that science, economy, culture and capitalism developed rapidly. However, on the other hand, the process also brought deep pain and huge disasters to the colonized countries. So in this essay, I will discuss the positive and negative effects caused by colonization. There will be four parts in my essay: the reasons of colonization, positive effects, negative effects and my opinion.
        First, let’s talk about the historical reasons of colonization. Basically, there are three main reasons that related tightly to the colonization: specific history situation, commodity-based economy and it is the need of the development of world history.
        In the past time especially before the eighteenth century, the colonists in the world invaded many places to accumulate the original capital (Rastafarian, 2010, p. 1). Since there were no any laws or rules at that time, they could plunder the wealth from anywhere or anyone if they can. Started from the fifteenth century, capitalism appeared in some parts of Europe (Mafdoff, H. 2003, p. 1). The new social system brought high speed development to every side of their society. Countries like Portugal and Spain are the two countries which initially benefited from the process. After them, Netherland, France and the Great Britain built up their own world hegemony (2010, p. 1). At that time, the capitalism is the most advanced social system and was only handled in a limited amount of countries. The other parts of the world were so straggly that they kept the old system. Consequently, when the new system wanted to replace the old one and Europeans wanted to develop their economy and finish the original accumulation of capital, they had no choice but only invaded other countries to get new resources, people and labour forces. Also, that...