Axia College Material
Appendix B

Compare and Contrast

Part One: Matrix

Complete the following matrix by adding brief points on the political, social, and economic differences and similarities of the North and the South.

|Early Northern and Southern Colonies                                                                                                 |
|                                               |North                                     |South                                     |
|Differences           |Political               |Government run by Puritan church         |Rich had the most influence in government |
|                       |                       |                                         |by House of Burgesses                     |
|                       |Social                 |Religion was most important part of day   |Farming and position through wealth was   |
|                       |                       |to day life                               |most important                             |
|                       |Economic               |Lumber and fishing was most common       |Farming was most common industry           |
|                       |                       |industries                               |                                           |
|Similarities           |Political               |Democratic, church run                   |Democratic, major influence by wealthy     |
|                       |Social                 |Women were not as educated as the men     |Women were not as educated like men       |
|                       |Economic               |Based on natural resources, which         |Growth was from crops and it rested on     |
|                       |                       |included lumber and fishing               |climate and natural resources             |

Part Two: Summary

Use your matrix to write a 150- to 200-word summary that addresses the major differences and similarities between the...