Collin the Whale: Article Review

Radio story on Collin the whale from ABC National Radio
20th August 2008

This radio story is really an interview about Collin from the head of ORCA Ron Ling. Explaining how he has lost his mother and how hard it would be to keep him alive. They say that they would need very fat enrichening milk to save the whale, as he needs to put on 1ton a month so he can survive the cold. They say that they have tried everything possible.

The purpose of this radio broadcast was to let people listen what the heard of ORCA had to say on Collins situation and that they had tried everything they could.

The view presented by this station is that they have tried everything they can and the only thing they can do now is put him down.

My reaction to this is that they made the right choice as he no longer had his mother and there was no other way to feed him.

Friday August 22, 2008

This television story was about how they found Collin and what the situation was when they found him. They also showed us a wide range of experts who all said that Collin had no real chance of survival without his mother. They even brought in a whale whisperer to come in and try to talk to Collin.

The purpose of this was to explain to people how hard they have been trying to save this whale from certain death.

The view presented is that though they have brought in a lot of people to help him he has no real chance of survival without his mother.

My reaction to this text is that they did a good job bringing all those people in to help him.

August 22, 2008

This television story tells us of how Collin has continually swam back to the waters off North Sydney and how there is no way of feeding him since he has already been breast fed by his mother. When the time came and he had to be put down he was given a sedative and a lethal dose of anaesthetic. He was apparently being attacked by sharks said the vets and...