Any high school senior who is looking to go to a 4 year college is always asked the same question, “What do you want out of college?” That question might be one of the most difficult question’s you’ll have to answer in the whole process. The great thing for me is that I want to visit Oregon. I want to see how nice everyone on campus is, from professor’s, to student’s, to just the staff working on campus. Something that made Oregon a top choice for me, was every professor stress the importance of how much they wanted to see their student’s succeed! I have always been told that professors don’t care how you do; or what you do; as long as they get paid. Those professors are in it for more than just the money though; there in it for the students. Also, Oregon being so far from my home made me feel a little uncomfortable knowing I’d won’t be close in case of an emergency. Lastly, I feel like everything I’ve learned about Oregon has gave me the idea that the great professors and staff at Oregon; will be able to make   me into a person who is ready to take on   life.
First, the fact that the professor’s at   Oregon are so willing to help with what makes me feel comfortable that I will get the help I need while I’m there. I won’t have the fear of falling behind, and not having someone to give me the help I need to succeed. Also, each student being given a   goal will help me get a better understanding of what route I need to take in order to be successful.
Next, knowing I won’t be close to home makes me feel that I’ll   have to worry about what is going on at home but I will still focus on my studies. Also, having a police force that is always on patrol making sure that the campus makes me feel safe so I don’t have to worry about walking to my dorm from late night classes or study groups. Oregon will have a home away from home feeling, Eugene is like its own little safe town where you don’t have to worry about problems occurring while you’re there.
Lastly, I am positive...