College vs. Home Life

Kristin Gallagher
4 April 2015
101 English J28T
Professor Terrisa Karaus

Are you going to college? Where will you live? Most college students do not ask themselves these questions when thinking of college and the experiences they want, I know I didn’t. When I turned eighteen I felt like I could take the world by storm and needed no one’s help to do so. I set out on my own ready for college, or so I thought. I started renting my own apartment three weeks before my classes started and figured I was doing really well for just starting out. I had everything I needed and rent was paid for the next month and so were my utilities. I had easy classes, a great job working at PetSmart, and a great place. Then things started to go downhill, I started to slip in my studies because I had to pick up more hours to be able to afford the life I had rushed into. My bills were collecting around me and I was starting to become overwhelmed with it all. After months of battling a never ending battle I lost the fight and moved home. Although my situation did not work out as planned, that does not mean I failed. Everyone’s situation in life is different and everyone must learn lessons their own way and in their own time. Some of the things many freshman college students do not consider when starting their college life are the financial aspects and how much things in the world actually cost and how the cost of living is rising each year. Another things students tend to ignore is their daily interaction with people, not just their peers but also professors, RA’s and other campus staff. Lastly and maybe the most over looked is the amount of food eaten, whether it be cooking and buying groceries yourself or having the cafeteria cook for you and have a meal plan through the college. When you hear the word "dorms", you probably think of cramped, one-size-fits-all rooms that house you and all your things plus a roommate and all their...