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Life in Medieval Times
Living in the medieval times was a rough, hard, and unpleasant life for some. Though, there were the medieval people who lived a good life, such as knights, kings, and nobles. Their lives had all kinds of entertainment though. These kinds of entertainment included all kinds of medieval sports. Life in those times was a wild ride.

Throughout the movie, A Knights Tale, I noticed plenty of actors showing chivalry, code of conduct of the medieval knights. The word derives from French cheval, or horse, indicating the importance of these animals to the knights, who typically traveled and fought on horseback. According to the code of chivalry a knight was to be a loyal servant t his lord or lady and a perfect example of such virtues as braver, courage, courtesy, honesty, faith, and gentleness, and knights that showed none. For instance the knight who showed none when he jousted sir Oric Vonlicktenstine. The knight used a sharp tipped joust. When the knights

Collided the sharp point impaled sir Oric Vonlicktenstine in the shoulder. The attitudes throughout the movie showed that the people talked down on lower classes. Any nobles, lords, knights, or any higher class always put peasants and hardworking citizens to the dirt. This didn’t lower their spirits mush though because of the medieval entertainment, such as jousting. The lower classes had to show respect to higher class by going last or sitting on the other side of coliseums for jousting tournaments. They got lower treatment from knights by having to be their slaves and doing all the hard work. Although there were bad knights there were also good knights, such as the prince who showed great chivalry. The prince released sir Oric Vonlicktenstine from the shackles when he was arrested for lying about his name and nobility. Turns out that sir Oric vonlicktenstine was a peasant that used to be a slave for a dead knight and his real name was William Thatcher. The prince released him for...