College Essay

The Influence of My Dad
In the modern world, kids are now born with a computer mouse in their hands. Perhaps the most bizarre role-reversal of the century is watching the younger teach the older in the world of technology. While this is true for the majority, being the son of a computer engineer has made my life the exact opposite. My father is constantly teaching me more and more everyday about the wonders and advances of technology of the present. Initially this might sound like I’m behind the other kids, but quite the contrary. The daily information provided by my father keeps me ahead, enables me to learn more, wonder more on my own, aspire to learn more, and most importantly, inspires me to stay ahead for my future as well and not become dependent like the average adult of today. The influence of my father has shaped me into the person I am today and has equipped me with a multitude of qualities perhaps unusual for a teenage boy from rural Maine.
My father as I mentioned earlier has worked with telecommunications for closer to 20 years. He is a director and is in charge of many people at his job every day. I believe his ability to lead at work has carried over into my ability to do so as well. For as long as I can remember I have been the captain of every sports team I’ve been on regardless for my ability to play the sport but because the coaches can truly see the leadership qualities I possess, perhaps because of how I was raised. Every once in awhile I catch these little bits from my father’s work calls, only hearing his half of course, and hear him leading people that look up to him. Often from these calls or just in conversation with him I get to hear what he calls “one of his rules” for work/leadership. For example, “don’t complain about a problem unless you have an idea for a solution” is one of my favorites. I think it can motivate the people you’re in charge of to think differently and become more problem solving. Now whether one might agree with...