College Drinking

Nicolette Hitzke
November 4, 2009
English 101
It is no secret to those attending college of the massive amount of alcohol consumption considered normal. You may be considered wild if you drank in high school but if you come to college and don’t drink a more degrading adjective would indeed be applied. There are some individuals who divulge themselves in their studies and good morals refusing to participate in the common tomfoolery practiced by a majority of their peers. But they will not go through college blind, at one time they will intersect paths with a fellow student who has chosen otherwise. Therefore the intoxicant problem present on college campuses affects most every student. With this said and considered, I have several proposals on how to handle this issue.
You could compare the predictability of college drinking to that of the ground becoming wet after it rains. Students in college will drink whether of legal age or not.   Demonstrations have been put in order as well as other informative services for students concerning the issue of alcohol. I believe, however, a more pronounced example must be made. There is always some kind of simulation, but never real experiences. You could say a real encounter with the negative aspects of drinking would be much more effective than the simulation of what the negative aspects might be like. So maybe such event should be held for all new freshman coming in. The administrators will be the example to the student body. If the drinking problem is going to be solved, the student body must know what it looks like to be intoxicated so that they can report any such behavior. They should see how alcohol influences behavior so that students will not want to drink.
Maybe such a demonstration will be ineffective. After all students that attend college are legally adults and can make decisions for themselves. So maybe a different approach should be made. To prevent underclassmen from drinking illegally, all freshman and...