College Admissions

I am applying to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.   This is something I’ve been interested in for several years and have been preparing myself for the challenge.   Here are some things you may not know about me.   I am an Eagle Scout and belong to the National Eagle Scout Association.   I attended a Military Academy during middle school.   As of June 2010, I was one of four in my class of 150 who participate on three athletic teams and qualify as a scholar athlete (3.5 or greater G.P.A.).   I have belonged to the National Honor Society since 10th grade and volunteer at my church.   I backpacked and lived in the Utah backcountry during the summer of 2007, I have climbed to the top of King’s Peak (the highest peak in Utah), and I have built and lived in an igloo-style snow cave for shelter.   I obtained my Life Guard and First Aid Certification (a 40-hour course) during Spring Break in 2010 and worked as a lifeguard aid this summer while practicing with the football team and volunteering at Sports Camps.   These experiences have prepared me for the rigorous and demanding schedule that I will be facing at the United States Coast Guard Academy.  
I am currently in contact with both a football and admissions recruiter from the Coast Guard Academy and am applying for early admissions consideration.   The application process requires the attached counselor evaluation form to be completed.   I would appreciate it if you could complete this form, seal it in the envelope provided, sign your name over the envelope seal to ensure confidentiality, and then return it to me.   Please keep a copy for your files and I would like a copy also. I appreciate you taking the time to complete this evaluation.   Thank you very much.