College Admission

Admission in college is a daunting task both for the students as well as the parents. Initially the students are worried to secure high grades/marks to get admission in a good college offering their desired discipline. To save the expenses of living in a hostel they look for a college in the vicinity of their residence.
Once the task of admission is overcome comes the problem of finances required not only to secure the admission but also for sustaining the expenses of the entire course duration. It may run for a couple of years. There are multi other expenses to meet like the books etc.
Universities these days change the syllabus in the name of much advanced and up-to-date learning of the developments that have taken place in the course discipline. In other words for the students it is the additional heavy expenditure as the latest books are normally not available in the library.
Then the students have some of their own expenses. The students consider it their right and the parents their duty to meet these expenses which if not more must be at least the level of their class mates. The level depends upon the prevailing – current college standard.
It is not that the students are un-aware of the hardship that their parents have to face to meet all these expenses. It is heartening to note that they are not only aware but also do strive to minimize it also.
Securing scholarship is one way to mitigate the financial hardship on their parents. For this in addition to studying hard they also have to maintain a good liaison with their guides, professors.
Those who fail to do so try to excel in athletics and sports. There are quotas for this class of students also. The third group does not hesitate to take up part time jobs within the permissible number of hours of the institution.
The admission in college is not an end but the beginning of a series of uncomfortable unforeseeable problems.
Only a couple of decades ago a graduation in engineering or...