There are several learning styles and personality types that help individuals to become more effective and productive in teams. Having done my Pathway to Learning and Personality Spectrum, only three learning styles and three personality types will be discussed in this paper. Strategies for effective communication and collaboration among the selected styles and types will be developed highlighting the impact on teamwork.
The three learning styles identified are logical/mathematical, visual/spatial and intrapersonal. As a Logical/Mathematical learner one tends to enjoy discerning relationships and connections; enjoys solving problems and reasoning scientifically. In a team the logical/mathematical person could be the one that writes outlines and develops charts and graphs. This person would be the one analyzing the information, developing systems and find patterns. The visual/spatial learning has some similar qualities to the Logical/Mathematical learning in that they like to use maps, diagrams and pictures when learning. This person would play the role of creating visual materials – preparing presentations and drawing mind maps. The intrapersonal learning on the other hand learns by evaluating own thinking and being aware of and expressing feelings. They take time to understand self in relation to others trying to think and reason on higher levels. Intrapersonal learner visualizes information, like keeping journals and study in quiet places.
From the personality spectrum, the three identified personality types are Thinker, Organizer and Giver. The thinker tends to be more objective, theoretical, mathematical and analytical. The Organizer is more systematic, structured and procedural. They take time to plan and love to see order. The giver on the other hand likes close relationships, cultivates potential of self and others. They promote openness and are caring. The strategy for effective communication and collaboration for the Thinker would be to try and minimize...