*July 8*, 2009
Week 3 Assignment
"How well do you collaborate with different groups of people at work. What is your strategy for dealing with individuals who have learning styles and personalities different from yours?
Working in my office with highly educated individuals who all have strong personalities can be a help and hindrance at the same time. When working with these types of individuals, I must have a great deal of understanding and patience and also possess the ability to accept constructive criticism.
I have learned how to work well with others. I have also learned how to collaborate ideas in order to better understand other people point of views when discussions are a major part of a project in order for it to be complete. One must be able to bend a little to get a particular issue solved so long as it is done in the right manner and it will benefit the company.
I have learned to build and have a good working relationship with many different groups of people. It is important to know that I am right when I state that someone else is wrong and know how to tell them. It is also important to see myself as a true team player and not someone who is only looking to be in the limelight. It is only human nature to want to be the person that “Saves the Day” but it is a true art to be able to do this and not alienate the entire office by remembering that the same staff will be needed to tackle the next situation.