Colab. Response Essay (Legal)

Evaluate the effectiveness of legal and non-legal responses to OMCGs.
Group 1
The media is the primary and most influential non-legal response to OMCGs. The media has many mediums such as television, radio, newspapers and internet articles which are accessible through many devices and virtually for free; as a result the media is extremely accessible. The media aims to inform people about events that interest society, this is by reporting on stories on topics that people want to know more about.Matthew Is a computing God As a result of this the media meets society’s standards and is extremely effective. On the other hand, the media does not always protect the rights of individuals. An example of this is when a media circus is made of an event and an individual’s rights to privacy may be compromised. Overall the media is a significantly effective method of response to deal with OMCGs.

Group 2
The effectiveness of legal and non-legal responses to OMCG’s is dependent on a criterion of various characteristics. For example, a non legal response would be a public demonstration.   The first criteria point in question would be responsiveness. Since demonstrators are an immediate issue, responsiveness in regards to them would be quite quick in order to make sure an escalation of the protest doesn’t occur. Usually, a police clearance is required to stage a demonstration, but this is a fairly quick process provided it’s a peaceful occurrence, and therefore is moderately accessible. Not many resources are used in terms of a demonstration, so the efficiency of such is quite well since there’s not much to be done.
In terms of the Parliament House in Adelaide petition against new legislation (Serious and Organised Crime [Control] Act 2008) – this resulted in meeting needs of bikies rather than the community itself, thus the application of the rule of law was ineffective, and expressed that the...