Col 101

On my first day of school I felt like I was a kindergartener going to school for the first time; I was nervous, I didn’t know where to go, and I didn’t have any friends in any of my classes; I kind of felt like I was going to be overwhelmed by my freshman year of college. My College 101 class showed me that this semester I would not only be learning about biology, psychology, and composition; I would be learning how to be a college student. So far my college experience is a great one. I have made a few new friends and I am getting good grades so far.
Even though I am doing well, College 101 has given me some new tools to get more out of my college experience. I learned ten step to become a “giant success” 1. Master the material, 2. Come to grips with my abilities, interests, and values, 3. Fine-tune my computer skills, 4. Hone my communication skills, 5. Actively engage in exploring career options, 6. Get involved, 7. Give back to my community, 8. Work as an intern during the summer, 9. Expand my diversity, 10. Take advantage of campus career center.   All of these steps along with other college 101 lessons have geared me in the right direction.
Over eighteen years I have learned that the decisions you make throughout your life are influenced very heavily by what your values. Identifying and understanding your own values is necessary in order to understand your current position and help you make adjustments to achieve the balance you desire. In psychology class we took a personality test and were spilt up into groups based on our results. In these groups we were asked to list our values; my group listed: education, being punctual, honesty, compassion, and family. I can see how these values shape my personality and behavior because in school I am a very hard worker and I want to learn. I try to be honest and rarely lie and when I need help I turn to my family for advice.
In College 101 I learned that “learning” is a lifelong process; once I am done with...